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Therefore, one pair of glasses can be used for correcting your distance, intermediate, and near sighted requirements. About Hoya's Progressive Lenses - Hoyalux. Hoya has conducted extensive research into perfecting its progressive lenses. The latest developments focus on stable image processing, especially while moving around, minimal distortion, comfortable vision at all distances and seamless transition between near, intermediate and far. Progressive lenses are the best option to address presbyopia, which is a natural consequence of the eye’s ageing process. Nikon offers a wide range of choices that will offer superior optical performance, better aesthetics and optimal comfort – all within a single lens.

Degressive lenses

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Super hydrophoby multi coating. All YUN lens has super hydrophoby coating. Degressive lens is specialized for indoor activities. Multifocal lenses. Multifocal is a blanket term that can designate progressive, degressive, or anti-fatigue lenses, all of which can correct vision at two or more  May 3, 2019 occupational degressive lenses (ODLs) and digital assistance lenses Lens designers working for SOLA (now part of Carl Zeiss Australia)  Distortion-free surface power lenses. More comfortable to Spectacle wearers. Our Rx laboratory produce all design - Single vision, Progressive , Degressive,  It also describes degressive spectacles lenses – progressive lenses on middle and near distance.

The bottom of the lens allows the wearer to read (at 35 cm). Office glasses (also known as degressive) can be an interesting option for people working in front of a computer screen all day long. But it is also possible for them to choose progressive glasses that correct three fields of vision (near, intermediate and far) or unifocal glasses.

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The perfect lens for the you student that needs relaxation in the accommodation or the young presbyope that is not ready for full progressive lenses. Measured and fitted in the fitting cross. When you order normal progressive lenses in most cases you will have a pantoscopic tilt of around 8°.

Degressive lenses

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Degressive lenses

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The choice of dynamic powers might differ There are two general categories of designs - lenses that have reading to mid-range vision or those with reading to distance. The design is actually progressive but the design significantly increases the size of the mid-range and reading power zone and removes or significantly reduces the size of any distance zone.
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2020-08-23 Vision in perfect harmony. Conventional progressive lenses work well for those who have similar prescription values for both eyes.
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The prescriptions are diffused through a thin area to give a seamless finish to the lenses.